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Welcome to RxReach: Revolutionizing Pharmacy Communication!

At RxReach, we understand the importance of effective communication in the pharmacy industry. That's why we have developed a cutting-edge communication platform designed specifically for pharmacies. With our innovative technology, pharmacies can streamline their communication processes, improve collaboration among team members, and enhance patient care. Experience the power of RxReach and unlock a new level of efficiency and productivity in your pharmacy.

  • Total Custom Communication

  • SMS, MMS, Voice, Fax & email

  • Patient Segmentation/Targeting

  • Marketing Tools to Drive Business

  • No Monthly or Set up Fees

  • Only Pay as Low as per use

  • Free IVR Number

  • Unlimited SMS, Voice Templates

  • Email Broadcast at No Charge

  • Medicare Part D Enrollment Tool

  • Easily Set Up Medication Reminders

  • Not a One Size Fits All Systems

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Proudly Serving Community Pharmacies
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