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Welcome to AlereRx: Empowering Pharmacies with Telehealth Services for Enhanced Access to Healthcare!

At AlereRx, we believe that access to healthcare should be convenient, efficient, and readily available. We are proud to introduce our cutting-edge telehealth services designed specifically for pharmacies. With AlereRx, pharmacies can bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers, revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered. Discover how AlereRx can help your pharmacy expand access to healthcare services and improve patient outcomes.

  • Unlimited Teladoc Services

  • Aetna Disc Dental, Lab, Vision & Imaging

  • All for a Family of Five for $24.99/month

  • Receive $10 per Member per Month as Admin

  • Custom Link for Pharmacy Website

  • Ideal as an Employee Benefit

  • Insured, Uninsured, Under-insured

  • All Patients are Eligible Regardless of Status

  • Get All prescriptions sent to your Pharmacy

  • Can Include Pet Care, Dermatology & Mental Health

  • Social Media Management (Optional)

  • No Limits on Use

  • Available on Google Play and App Store

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Proudly Serving Community Pharmacies

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