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Our Mission

Our  mission is to provide assistance for the community pharmacy owners to accomplish progressive operations such as accreditations, controlled substance compliance, policy and procedure implementation, SOP, employee handbook and revenue and profit optimization and programs for revenue expansion.


Our solutions and mission is to help community pharmacies grow their business while thinking outside of the box in order to compete and grow while improving access, compliance and outcome for the benefit of the patient.


“RxConnexion has been an absolute game changer for our pharmacy. It allows us to instantly mass market directly to our patients and providers. Patients have come to expect everything on demand and healthcare is no different. The ability to leverage XpedicareRx-24 has revolutionized our compounding business as customers are able to be seen by a provider and walk out the door with a prescription in minutes. RxConnexion provides all the tools necessary for your pharmacy to evolve and thrive.”

W.D.  Texas

Data Analytics 
Introducing TabulaRx, the state of the art program designed to provide pharmacies access to a plethora of data including prescribing data, dispensing data, provider database as well as controlled substance inventory management for better compliance and adherence to Federal and State regulations to reduce diversion and better record keeping.


Patient Education 
Introducing RxMinder, the groundbreaking patient education platform designed to transform the way pharmacies educate and engage patients to enhance the customer experience. Our innovative system is built upon the importance of a better patient education and compliance, offering numerous advantages for both pharmacies and their valued customers. 

Communication & Engagement
Introducing RxReach, we understand the importance of effective communication in the pharmacy industry. That's why we have developed a cutting-edge communication platform designed specifically for pharmacies. With our innovative technology, pharmacies can streamline and automate their communication processes.


By creating your own podcast for your pharmacy, you can effectively communicate with your staff and patients in a new and engaging way. A podcast can provide a valuable platform for education, information-sharing, and community-building, ultimately helping to build trust and loyalty among your target audience.


Are you ready to revolutionize your pharmacy services and meet the growing demand for convenient, accessible healthcare? Introducing XPedicareRx-24, the ultimate telemedicine solution tailored specifically for community pharmacies. Don’t let your pharmacy fall behind in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. Embrace the future with XPedicareRx-24 and offer your patients the convenient, high-quality care they deserve.

Delivery Software
Introducing DoorstepRx, the groundbreaking delivery app designed to transform the way pharmacies operate and enhance the customer experience. Our innovative system is built upon the importance of a better delivery system, offering numerous advantages for both pharmacies and their valued customers. 


Cash Business Improvement
At BonaRx cash business management, we understand the unique challenges that community pharmacies face, particularly in managing their cash business. We are proud to introduce the BonaRx Custom Medication Savings Card, a game-changing solution designed to help community pharmacies improve their cash business while providing significant savings for patients. 


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Pharmacist Business Podcast

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