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Improve store traffic and revenue using medication savings cards

Medication savings cards are a form of discount card that can help patients save money on their prescription medications. These cards typically offer discounts on brand-name and generic medications, and they can be used by patients who do not have insurance or who have high out-of-pocket expenses.

As a pharmacy, offering medication savings cards can be a great way to drive new business to your store. Patients are always looking for ways to save money on their medications, and if you can offer them a discount that they cannot find elsewhere, they are more likely to choose your pharmacy over your competitors.

Here are some steps you can take to use medication savings cards to drive new business to your pharmacy:

  1. Partner with medication savings card companies: BonaRx offers medication savings cards, and you can partner with them to offer these cards to your patients. They also provide you with a custom website to add to your existing site to increase awareness.

  2. Display signage: Make sure to display signage in your store and social your social media as well as local clinics and physicians’ offices and your website advertising that you offer medication savings cards. This will help to draw attention to this service and encourage patients to ask about it.

  3. Train your staff: Make sure that your staff is knowledgeable about the medication savings cards you offer and can answer any questions that patients may have. Place one in each bag that leaves your store.

  4. Encourage referrals: Offer incentives to patients who refer others to your pharmacy for medication savings cards. This could include discounts on future purchases or other rewards if they share your card on their social media.

By offering medication savings cards and promoting them effectively, you can drive new business to your pharmacy and help patients save money on their medications at the same time. BonaRx also provides you with an admin fee for each claim that can add to hundreds of dollars monthly as well as the dispensing data to help you analyze the data to improve your card performance.

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